Thursday, March 3, 2011

Josh Smith / 11 February - 19 March 2011 / Luhring Augustine / New York

To view more, go to Luhring Augustine.


  1. I seriously do not get why these paintings are not in a junk heap at a bad flea market... I don't want to be negative but these paintings bring out the worst in me. I actually stumbled into this show after Koh at Mary Boone.. Can't believe they are not being hidden much less hung in a reputable gallery.. I mean really BAD!

  2. I think 'anonymous' may be looking at the works literally whereas most art is metaphorical.

    Yes, much art is deliberately open to interpretation, but many works provide opportunities to be viewed in multiple ways, including symbolically.

  3. Hmmm..ok.. I think it is kind of sophomoric to be pointing to the symbols here.. I am talking about basic paint application or lack there of here actually.. The bar has gone down so low now that just the fact that you have to resort to seeing symbolism to defend it.. sorry.. I am no hater.. just pointing out the obvious.

  4. Wow there really interesting, love the fourth picture!


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